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In the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky tri-state region, the bedbug has returned with a vengeance to begin infesting many homes, apartments, motels and hotels — wherever humans sleep. Using human blood as a nutrient, bedbugs multiply very rapidly, taking only a few weeks to grow a colony of a few individuals to a mass of many tens of thousands. Traditional methods of detecting bedbugs has been lacking due to the insects’ small size and nocturnal activity. At Select Pest Control,  your bed bug specialist, we are proud to use revolutionary and highly-effective canine detection to find bedbugs wherever they might be hiding. We also offer comprehensive extermination and prevention treatments to clients across the region.

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Elimination and Follow-Up Prevention

In addition to our detection services, we also proudly provide comprehensive bedbug removal and prevention services to properties across the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky tri-state region. Since bedbug infestations can be extensive and can often involve multiple furniture fixtures and rooms in a home, we always tell our clients that detection, elimination and follow-up prevention is a multi-step process that requires some follow-up participation by the customer. We’ve provided a Pre-Treatment Checklist below to help you prepare your property for our bedbug detection and treatment services.

Once our team has completed the necessary treatments to remove an existing bedbug infestation from your property, we highly recommend that you pursue various follow-up procedures to ensure that the conditions that could invite a future infestation are taken care of once and for all. To help you get started on bedbug prevention, we’ve provided a Post-Treatment Checklist here. Your Select Pest Control technician will provide you with any additional suggestions after your bedbug treatment is complete.

Detection With Our Bedbug Dog Lucy

Finding and eliminating bedbugs can be more complicated than you might think. Thankfully, our technicians at Select Pest Control have a specially trained canine to aid with the detection of bedbugs and help us find the home base of the colony. With her trained nose and our expert technicians, your bedbugs don’t stand a chance. Lucy was professionally trained to use her natural canine ability to detect minute scent particles. Through a “find for reward” process, she was specifically oriented to seek out the presence of bedbugs and their eggs. Finding these eggs is associated with a treat or praise from her handler. Therefore, If any living bedbugs or eggs are present, Lucy will try her hardest to find them to and get a treat and a kind response from her handler. Several Select Pest Control technicians received extensive training at a specialized canine school to do just such handling, and know just how to work with our smallest crew member.

Canine Efficiency

Hatchling bedbugs are smaller than a poppy seed and due to their preferences for darkness can easily hide in small cracks and crevices. However, they emit an odor which can be easily picked up by a detection dog especially trained for bedbug detection. Select Pest Control utilizes academy-trained bedbug detection dogs. Bedbugs at any stage of their development, including eggs, cannot escape the keen abilities of dogs like Rocco. Much like the dogs used by police and border patrols to detect the presence of narcotics, bedbug dogs are intensively trained to sniff out the presence of both bedbugs as well as their tiny eggs. The accuracy and efficiency of using these dogs is amazing. A dog’s sense of smell is very highly developed – so much so that these specially trained dogs can detect bedbug odor through walls and containers. Plus, a detector dog is faster and more accurate than humans. Upon entering a room, the dog will go immediately to a location where bugs are present and sign to the technician. Imagine how quickly they cover a large number of rooms such as in a hotel or apartment building.

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